Henryetta Chamber of Commerce

“Says Shop Local – It’s a Win Win”

As we move into the holiday season and prepare of a new year, the Henryetta Chamber of Commerce encourages you to spend your valuable shopping dollar locally.  Our local businesses are on the front lines when it comes to providing goods and services to our community; they also play a huge roll as sponsors for Henryetta events and contribute both their time and talents to community activities.   Yes, there’ll be occasions when one of our businesses may not have exactly what you need in stock; but just give them a day or two and they’ll have it for you.   So, unless it is an emergency - they’ll save you both money and time when you consider your driving time and the cost of fuel. Before you shop out of town or get a little too eager to risk your credit card with online shopping, remember shopping with your local businesses generate valuable tax dollars that supports the City’s day to day operations, infrastructure requirements, and the overall quality of life in the community.  When you shop out of town, you directly contribute to the tax base of other communities – there are hidden costs to shopping out of town.  Your Chamber of Commerce fully understands the desire for that occasional shopping trip; we just want you to give your local businesses the first opportunity to serve you daily needs.  There’re the first ones you call on when you want support for your event or cause – shopping local is a “win win.”


Okmulgee County News Source

As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners of Okmulgee County will hold a regular meeting on December 2, 2013 at         9:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held in the County Commissioners Conference Room in the County Courthouse, located at 314 W. 7th Street, Okmulgee.
The following is a list of the business to be conducted by the Board of County Commissioners at the above-mentioned meeting:
  1.     Call to Order
          Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Possible approval of minutes from regular meeting        
  3. Input by the Public on any non-agenda items   
  4. Order of Business:  
A.    Discussion and possible action of Officers’ Reports  
B.    Discussion and possible action of Blanket Purchase Orders  
C.    Discussion and possible action of Employee Status Reports
D.    Discussion and possible approval of submitted Utility Permits
E.    Discussion and possible approval of Private Property Agreements
F.    Discussion and possible approval of Application for STP Project
G.    Discussion and possible approval of holidays to be observed by Okmulgee County                     for 2014 calendar year
H.    Possible approval of Invitation to Bid #5 for heavy equipment services rendered for                 six-month period
I.    Possible approval of Invitation to Bid #6 for weekly/monthly rental of smooth drum        roller and/or track-hoe for six-month period           
5.     Report from Emergency Management Director  
6. New Business:
 7. Discussion and possible approval of claims and/or signing of documents
  8. Adjourn
Name/Title of Person Posting This Notice:    Becky Thomas/County Clerk