Okmulgee Times employee Megan Conner reminds citizens that the annual City-Wide Garage Sale will be held August 29 and 30. The event is a joint effort between the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce and the City of Okmulgee. The permit fee is being waived for all garage sales that weekend. The Okmulgee Times will publish a special pullout with a list of participating garage sales. Stop by and see Megan if you wish to place an ad for the special event. See related article for details.
(Staff photo by Patrick Ford)

Okmulgee County News Source

Annual City-Wide Garage Sale

is set for Aug. 29-30th
Plans are underway for the City-Wide Garage Sale. The date has been set for August 29 and 30.
The event is a joint effort between the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce and the City of Okmulgee.
The City of Okmulgee is waiving the permit fee for all garage sales on August 29 and 30. The Okmulgee Times newspaper is creating a special pullout for the sale days. Addresses will be listed for all the participating garage sales.
Individuals will need to contact the Daily Times to purchase the special $6 ads by noon on Monday, August 25th. If you wish to obtain the Garage Sale Kit (includes signs and price stickers), the price is $12.
 Partnering with the City of Okmulgee and  the Okmulgee Times, and to make this event happen is just one of the many ways the Chamber of Commerce and all these other entities are working to make Okmulgee a better community.
For more information on the City-Wide Garage Sale, contact the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce at 756-6172 or the Okmulgee Times at 918-756-3600.

Liquor store burglary
linked to other crimes

The recent burglary of a liquor store in Okmulgee might be linked to at least two similar crimes, according to Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice.
On August 12, 2014 the Okmulgee Police Department responded to an alarm at the
Pott’s Liquor Store in Okmulgee was hit by a team of three burglars on August 12, 2014.
 “We also believe two other burglaries being investigated by Glenpool Police and the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office are connected,” the police chief said.
The Okmulgee Police Department responded to an alarm at the Pott’s Liquor Store on Tuesday. When officers arrived they discovered the business had been forcibly entered.
Based on video at the scene, investigators believe that three males entered the store by prying open the front door shortly after 6:00 AM.  Two of the perpetrators concealed their faces with masks - but one’s face is exposed.
“They pried loose a safe that was bolted to the floor and fled the scene with the safe,” Chief Prentice said.
The safe contained an undisclosed amount of cash.
The burglars left the area in a dark-colored 4-door vehicle, of unknown make and model - but possibly a Nissan Maxima.
 Anyone with information is asked to contact the Okmulgee Police Department at 918-758-1141 or 918-756-3511.

Little girl now ‘doing fine’
after pedestrian-car mishap

Okmulgee residents were alarmed when hearing the initial report that a little girl was hurt in a pedestrian-vehicle accident.
Police Chief Joe Prentice was at the scene shortly after the 2:17 p.m. accident. The chief reported at the time that a small child had suffered minor injuries and was being treated at the scene by employees of the Okmulgee County Emergency Medical Service. She was later transported to the Okmulgee Memorial Hospital for an examination as a safety precaution.
 An official accident report has since been completed by OPD officer Tim Harkrider and was forwarded to the Okmulgee Times.
The victim has been identified as Gracie Parker, who will turn 4 years old in early October. Gracie lives on North Grand in Okmulgee. Based upon the investigation, it appears Gracie ran into the road and came into contact with a 2006 Ford F25. The incident happened in the 1200 block of West 6th - a little west of the Monroe street intersection.
Marisa Luallen is an aunt to the child. She posted on update on the Okmulgee Times Facebook item about the accident.
“This child was my 3 year old niece, Gracie,” she said. “She is doing fine. It just grazed her foot. It wasn’t broke, just real bruised and swollen.”
Luallen also stressed that the woman driver wasn’t at fault and she did stop it (at the scene of the accident). “Thank God she was going as slow as she was,” she said. “Baby girl is OK.”

Run-off, special elections on tap for August 26th
Registered voters in Okmulgee County only have a few days remaining to apply for absentee ballots to be mailed to them for the Democrat Primary Run-Off Election, City of Beggs and City of Morris Special Elections on August 26, 2014.  A reminder to everyone, other than Democrats or residents of Beggs and Morris of all party affiliations, Republicans and Independents elsewhere in the county will have no ballot to vote this election, County Election Board Secretary, Ava Ridgeway said today.  Please call our office if you have any questions.
Voters may apply in person at the County Election Board office or send their Absentee Applications by mail, fax or email.  The application can be downloaded from the State Election Board web site or picked up in our office.
Completed applications for absentee ballots must be in the hands of the County Election Board no later than 4:30pm on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, in order for them to be processed and ballots mailed out to voters that day. Voted ballots must be returned, by mail, no later than 7:00pm on Election Day to be counted. We encourage those voters needing to vote by mail to apply as soon as possible.
Early In-Person voting for this election will be in the Election Board office, Okmulgee County Courthouse, on Thursday, August 21, 2014 and Friday, August 22, 2014 from 8:00am to 6:00pm in the Election Board Office.  Additionally, voters will have one extra day to vote early on Saturday, August 23, 2014 between 9:00am to 2:00pm.
Sample ballots for the August 26, 2014 election are available now in the Election Board office.
  The State Election Board has rolled out a new tool at their web site which allows voters to verify their party affiliation, locate their polling location, track their absentee ballot, find early voting hours and contact information, as well as view their Primary Run-Off ballot. Sample ballots for special elections, such as those for the City of Beggs and City or Morris, are only available at the County Election Board office. The link for the State’s website is
Voters who have questions can come by the office in the Okmulgee County Courthouse, 314 W 7th or contact us by phone at 918-756-2365, by fax at 918-758-1275 or by email at

City Council to meet Tuesday
The Okmulgee City Council will consider several resolutions and agreements during their regular scheduled meeting Tuesday. The session will begin at 5 p.m. at the Council Chambers at City Hall on August 19th.
One resolution before the council will be calling for an election to “authorize expenditure of funds from the sale of Creek Council Council House on new capital projects, acquisition, construction or remodeling of municipal buildings for public purposes and used for the public benefit.”
Other agenda items up for discussion include:
A) Consider and vote to approve retirement benefits for Jeweldean Snow.
B) Consider and vote to approve a Resolution of the City of Okmulgee casting a vote for one trustee of the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund (OMRF) to fill the expiring term of Trustee-at-Large.
C) Consider and vote to approve a Resolution acknowledging and reaffirming agreements for equipment leasing and contracts for services executed in prior fiscal years and carrying said agreements forward into fiscal year 2014-2015.
D) Consider and vote to approve a Resolution to notify the public of compilation of a supplement to the penal ordinances known as the Okmulgee Municipal Code 2014A.
E) Consider and vote to adopt a Resolution of the City of Okmulgee calling for and giving notice of an election to be held on November 4, 2014 within the City of Okmulgee to authorize the expenditure of the proceeds from the sale of the Muscogee (Creek) Council House on new capital projects, acquisition, construction or remodeling of municipal buildings for public purposes and used for the public benefit.
F) Consider and vote to approve or reject the proposed ordinance amending 3.40.022 involving the claims payment procedure, and declaring an emergency.
G) Consider and vote to approve an Ordinance amending the zoning map of the City of Okmulgee for rezoning of Lots 1 through 3, Block E, Northeast Okmulgee Addition, City of Okmulgee, Okmulgee County, from RS-2 to CG, and declaring an emergency.
H) Consider and vote to approve an Ordinance amending the zoning map of the City of Okmulgee for rezoning of Lots 4 - 13, Block E, Northeast Okmulgee Addition, City of Okmulgee, Okmulgee County, from RS-2 to CG, and declaring an emergency.
I) Consider and vote to approve or disapprove application for a variance to the Okmulgee Municipal Code for the property of OT Okmulgee E 65' Lot 1 Blk 97, AKA 1126 E. yth Street.
J) Consider and vote to approve an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Okmulgee and the Board of County Commissioners of Okmulgee County for asbestos inspections of County owned property by City personnel with reimbursement of all related personnel costs to the City and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Agreement.
K) Consider and vote to approve the submission of applications/cooperative agreements between the City of Okmulgee and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for the construction of boating and fishing access facilities through the Sport Fish Restoration program and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the necessary documents.
L) Consider and vote to approve entering into a contract with Meshek & Associates, PLC, to update Okmulgee's Hazard Mitigation Plan, contingent on the City of Okmulgee receiving a Hazard Mitigation Planning Grant from FEMA at a cost of $51,547.33 of which $12,886.83 is local match and the remainder is FEMA Grant Funds, and authorizing the Mayor to execute the documents.
M) Consider and vote to approve entering into a contract with Meshek & Associates, PLC, for the development of a Hazard Mitigation Grant Application, for a property located within the city limits, from FEMA at a cost of $53,515.00 of which $13,378.75 is local match and the remainder is FEMA Grant Funds, and authorizing the Mayor to execute the documents.
N) Consider and vote to approve Change Order No. 3 with Honeywell International, Inc. for a decrease of $3,142.00 for the annual contract on the Water Meter Testing Contract 401-01-1739 and authorize the Mayor/Chairman or City Manager and City Clerk/Secretary to execute the documents.
O) Consider and vote to approve Public Contracts between the Okmulgee Municipal Authority (the "Authority") and the City of Okmulgee (the "City"), under which the City agrees to purchase certain necessary equipment and materials in accordance with approved plans and specifications on behalf of eh Authority, appoint AAA Fence Company, LLC a contract and its subcontractors as purchasing agents and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Contracts for the AlP 3-40-0074-020-2014 Install Perimeter Fencing and Gates - Phase III at the Okmulgee Regional Airport.
P) Consider and vote to approve the appointment of Dolph Hayden and Walt Cotner to Recreation Board; appointment of Mary Lewellen to the Okmulgee Historic Preservation Commission for the City of Okmulgee.
Q) Consider and vote to whether or not to authorize a pardon in the case of City of Okmulgee v. Virgil Wayne Harry NT 2014-75314.
R) Consider and vote to hold an executive session to consider confidential communications: (1) Concerning the federal litigation Thrailkill v. City of Okmulgee, et al., (Police use of taser during arrest). A settlement conference has been scheduled and we need city representative to attend. At the conclusion of the executive session, the Council may vote to authorize settlement negotiations in such amount as they choose to resolve the claim as they find to be in the City's best interests. Authority for the execute session is 25 O.S. §307B4.
(2) Discussing the purchase or appraisal of real property in the form of Lots 1 through 4 of Block 40 Original Town of Okmulgee. Authority for the executive session is 25 O.S. §307B3.
The City Attorney advised that disclosure would seriously impair the ability to process the claim and/or potential litigation in the public interest.

Allegations of wrongdoing in Henryetta spark state audit
by Randy Ellis
The Oklahoman

HENRYETTA — Allegations of wrongdoing and harassment by Henryetta city officials have prompted the state auditor’s office to open an investigation.
Among other things, auditors will be looking into allegations of misappropriation of grant funds intended for the city’s $9.5 million water treatment system, possible violations of the Oklahoma Open Meeting and Open Records Acts and alleged improprieties linked to dual office holding by a former city manager/city fire marshal, confirmed State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones.
The audit is in response to a successful citizen’s petition spearheaded by longtime Henryetta City Hall critic Howard (Buck) Sheward.
“I’ve been run through the mill,” Sheward, 70, said of his treatment by Henryetta police officers and other officials. “I’ve had two protective orders filed on me. They’ve served me papers at 2:30 in the morning, beating on the door like a drug raid. I’ve had two citations when I was getting signatures for this petition — one for not parking close enough to the curb and one for being on the wrong side of the road of a dead end street.
“They’ve harassed and persecuted me for raising questions,” he said, adding that city officials have refused to respond to 13 Open Records Act requests he has made since October.
Henryetta City Manager Ted Graham, who has only held that position for 10 months, said Sheward has a history of antagonizing city officials by berating them in public and making demands staffers believe are unreasonable, like repeatedly submitting onerous Open Records Act requests.
“Since I’ve been here, he hasn’t followed the process laid out by the city and the city attorney,” Graham said. “Since they’ve had four years of interaction with this gentleman, they had a set process laid out for him. I think we’ve complied with most of them. Some of them I think are unreasonable, so we haven’t been able to meet those.”
Graham said requests for huge quantities of city officials’ emails have been problematic, because the city didn’t have an onsite server when he first became city manager and locating emails would require searching through the personal emails of city employees since they used their own personal email services.
One thing Sheward wants auditors to look at is the purchase of a $9.5 million drinking water treatment system that has never worked properly.
“They didn’t properly monitor the project,” he said.
Graham acknowledges there are problems with the water system and said the city is currently engaged in litigation with its design engineer.
Sheward’s complaints about dual office holding by former city manager/city fire marshal Raymond Eldridge also have a long history.
The Oklahoman reported previously that officials with the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System had accused Eldridge of making false misrepresentations in an effort to deceive them into allowing his salary as city manager to be credited toward entry into the retirement system.
Eldridge filed a nearly $1.4 million claim with the city earlier this year. He also has an appeal pending the the pension system, according to his attorney, Daniel Gamino.

Muscogee Nation Reintegration

Program receives National Award
BRECKINRIDGE, Colo. – The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program was awarded the 2014 National Criminal Justice Association Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Award this week at the 2014 NCJA National Forum on Criminal Justice at Beaver Run Conference Center.
Each year, the National Forum on Criminal Justice, NCJA honors five outstanding criminal justice programs that merit recognition for providing effective services to address crime-related issues in their communities with a particular interest in programs that are innovative and can document concrete results.
A panel of criminal justice experts from across the country select five award winners, one from the northeast, the south, the Midwest, the west and one tribal program.
MCN RIP Program Manager Tony Fish, two MCN RIP employees and Principal Chief Tiger attended the luncheon to accept the award on behalf of the tribe the Reintegration Program.
Fish said he would like to recognize his staff members, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, other local, state, federal and tribal key stakeholders for supporting the program and enhancing the program’s success.

Column -

Who gives this woman to be married to this man?
Okmulgee Times editor

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”
That was the question posed to me Friday afternoon at the pocket park in downtown Okmulgee. The minister nodded to me as if to more quickly extract my reply. I could understand his hurry. It was 98 in the shade … and we weren’t in the shade.
As I mulled my options, my adorable daughter Emily and her adorable Tony stood beside me. They beamed love-fueled smiles as their magical moment was at hand.
The lovely little flower girl had already performed her part in the ceremony. She walked ahead of us and dropped a path of red rose petals.
The ring bearer was guarding a pair of wedding bands that were balanced atop a small velvet pillow. His official job was still a couple of minutes away.
So there I stood beside my all-grown-up Emily. She was ready to take the plunge into holy matrimony. All she needed now was that verbal approval from dear old dad. A million thoughts raced through my mind in the instant. And, yes, I am capable of a million thoughts in an instant.
How did we get here? How did Emily Paige grow so instantly from our sweet little girl to this mature, confident young woman?
I was driving her to head start classes just the other morning. And it hasn’t been any time since she attended that first middle school dance at the YMCA.
Can this be the same little girl I taught to ride a bicycle? Or the rather nervous teen I taught to drive a car?
Up until Friday, the biggest thrill of her life was getting her driver’s license. However, I think she’s a bit more excited about her marriage license. She seems to like this Tony character.
All these thoughts are running through my mind. I suddenly return to the reality of the moment.
So that’s how we ended up in the pocket park on a warm August afternoon. My oldest daughter invited me here for one purpose. I get the honor of giving her away to the man she loves more than life. I get to contribute one sentence to this life-transforming ceremony.
And the time has arrived for me to carry out this mission.
It suddenly reminds me of a movie role I performed not too long ago. I was cast as a minister in the wedding ceremony in the feature film “Pruning the Family Tree.”
“Who gives this woman to be married to this man,” I ask as the camera records our scene.
Another actor steps forward and stands in front of me.
“I do,” he says.
Our movie scene continued until I introduced the bride and groom to the crowd. It was all very sweet and very nice. It was also make-believe. But, today, this was not a movie. This was real life. My daughter is happily moving into a lifetime partnership with her dearest Tony.
So the only question now was “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”
“I do,” I said.
The minister then hits stride and leads the ceremony to a swift conclusion. He obtains the wedding bands from the ring bearer and passes them to the awaiting couple. The next thing you know my little Emily Paige has disappeared and a beaming bride named Emily Galvez is kissing the man of her dreams.
It is very sweet and tender … and just a bit emotional.
I am happy beyond belief that somehow through fate or a Higher Power, two wonderful human beings are joined forever in marriage. But I did felt a lump in my throat when I went to Emily’s FACEBOOK page. I clicked on the button and it instantly switched from Emily Brown to Emily Galvez
My little girl now lives only in my memories.
The new Mrs. Tony Galvez is off now to a lifetime of adventures with the wonderful young man who won her heart.
And that is exactly how it should be.

School board approves policy revisions
The Okmulgee School board of education approved several revisions and personnel hires during their regular monthly meeting.
Approved action agenda items included:
• Revision to the School Wellness Policy - Anything sold to students must meet USDA guidelines for healthy, nutritious snacks. Time period covers midnight to 4 p.m.
• Revision to Board Policy 6011 – Purchasing  
• Revision to Board Policy 6012 – Emergency Purchasing - allows superintendent to expend funds in an emergency that totals no more than $3,000 without prior board approval.
• Hazard Mitigation Plan Agreement with the City of Okmulgee
• Update of rules for OVAL online credits  
Following an executive session, the board approved the hiring of support staff for FY15:  
a. Paraprofessionals:  Wendy Davenport, Kristy VanBrunt, Duane Hammer
b. Minutes Clerk;  Sheri Linton
c. Substitute Bus Driver:  Dennis Cooks
d. Adjunct Coach:  Michael Weaver
e. Extra-Duty Coaching Assignments
Under new business, the board approved a contract for speech pathology service with the  OU College of Allied Health. There is a severe shortage of  speech language pathologist in the state of Oklahoma, and this new program being offered by OU will use Tele-therapy to provide the district the needed  service until a permanent speech pathologist can be found.
In other board action, the panel okayed:
•Minutes of the June 26, 2014, Special Meeting, the July 18, 2014, Special Meeting and the August 5, 2014, Special Meeting.
• Monthly encumbrances /expenditures
•  School Rental Requests :  
Brock Gym,  Team Reed Boxing, Sept 20, 2014
Harmon, Track Booster Club, Football Season 2014
Harmon, West Concession, OJF Football Season 2014
Armory, Eastside Baptist Church, 9/14 to 12/14
 • Accepting and granting transcript credits to students successfully  completing academic programs through Green Country Technology Center.
• Authorization to utilize the “1080 Instructional Hours” option in lieu of the traditional 180 day instructional.
• Continuation of School Check Card Program with Citizen’s Security Bank.
Superintendent’s Report -– Tod Williams: Great welcome-back event for staff planned by District Leadership Team.
 - Thanked Mrs. Riley for hard work on Community Provision Program which is providing free meals for all Okmulgee students.
- Received a card congratulating the conduct of Okmulgee School students who have been attending the shows at the performing arts center for the past two years.
- Updated board on OHS Band uniforms. 72 uniforms were destroyed at a recent fire at a local dry cleaner. This year there are 91 students in the OHS band. Thanks to the hard work and contacts of Band Director Rusty Helms, Durant High School will be loaning the district free of charge 200 uniforms until Okmulgee can replace their uniforms.
- The Okmulgee Education Foundation, along with the Viersen Foundation, will be providing a program focus on the arts for Okmulgee students. Every student -Pre-K through 5th grade- will have a chance to  to attend one of the performances of “Young at Art” at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.  
The Young At Art series is designed for public, private and home-schooled children. These one-hour shows open new doors for children by introducing the performing arts to new generations.
The Imagination Series presents the same show, but is a different experience. Designed with family and friends in mind, the Imagination Series offers the experience of live theatre to new generations and the opportunity to meet the cast after each show and have a little extra fun with pre-show activities.
• Treasurer’s Report –- Brenda Barnett
• Site Report – Jeremy Ramsey - Update on Bulldog Academy and changes for the school year. Congratulated the staff and students on a great opening day for OHS. Currently at OHS there are 412 students:
Freshman - 118
Sophomore-  109
Junior - 88
Senior - 97
• Petition to Opine – Input from the Public regarding any item on the agenda:  One submission to speak was made, but was denied by Board President Mike James due to the issue dealing with a personnel matter.


The Lord called Brent home on August 13, 2014 from Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, where his family held his hands and walked him to Heaven.  Brent was born to Jack and Billye Parker on March 11, 1955 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  He attended Okmulgee High School, graduating in 1973.  He went on to attend the University of Oklahoma, becoming a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and earning a degree in accounting.  He graduated from OU in 1978 and later married his high school sweetheart, Pam, in 1981.  
Following their marriage, Brent and Pam resided in Rogers, Arkansas where Brent owned and operated Dollar Saver in historic downtown Rogers, taking over the family business with his brother.  Brent and Pam joined Immanuel Baptist Church in 1983.  They have attended Cross Church in Springdale/Rogers since Talley’s graduation from Shiloh Christian School and relocation to Dallas, Texas.  Brent devoted the bulk of his time to his family and giving Talley any and all opportunities to succeed in anything he wanted to pursue, including a long and successful tennis career from childhood through college, and then law school following college.
In recent years Brent served on the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Board of Directors Executive Committee for the Main Street Rogers Program where he collaborated with downtown business owners in efforts to revitalize and preserve the historic Main Street Rogers district. He was the recipient of the Main Street Rogers “Spirit of Downtown” award in 2006 and the Main Street  Rogers “Unsung Hero” award in 2009.  He went on to work for Walmart at its corporate headquarters in Bentonville, where he became a Quality Assurance Manager.
Brent was 59 and a resident of Rogers.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Billye Parker, and their infant son, Stephen.  He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Pam; his son, Talley, and his wife Ashley, of Dallas, Texas; his brother, Bruce Parker, and his wife, Susan, of Elm Springs, Arkansas, and their daughter, Duffy; his brother-in-law, Dr. Mark Talley, and his wife, Dr. Carole Talley, and their sons, Christian and Connor, of Chattanooga, Tennessee; his mother-in-law, Wilma Talley, formerly of Okmulgee, Oklahoma.   He also leaves behind many cousins, family members, and a host of friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
A Service to Celebrate Brent’s Life will be held at the Springdale Cross Church Chapel on Friday, August 22, 2014 at 10:00 a.m., with Toppy Owens officiating.  A graveside service will follow at the Okmulgee Cemetery in Okmulgee, Oklahoma the same day at 4:00 p.m., Stephen Hopkins officiating.  Services will be directed by Jason Winters of McClendon-Winters Funeral Home of Okmulgee.  Casket bearers are Trey Coleman, Mike Jones, Tom Linihan, Jim Mather, Jordan Owens, Coy Talley, Jeffrey Thacker, and Ed Turner.  Condolences can be sent to the family at and given online at  Arrangements are under the direction of the McClendon-Winters Funeral Home of Okmulgee. 918.756.1677

Lucille P. Shirley
  Lucille P. Shirley, a resident of Okemah, passed away August 14, 2014 at the age of 86.        
No Services are planned at this time.
 Arrangements are under the direction of the Jackson Funeral Home and Crematory in Okmulgee.
 Friends may send their condolences to
Gloria Faye Kovac
  Gloria Faye Kovac, a resident of Henryetta, passed away Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at the age of 65. She was born December 28, 1948 to Earl Dunham and Lou (Farrill) Dunham in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Earl and Lou Dunham.
 Survivors include her husband of 24 years, John Kovac of the home; nine children, Herbert Kerr, Jason Layton and wife, Melinda, Jerry Layton, Jason Kovac, Christopher Kovac, Michael Kovac, Amanda McCormick, Jordan Miller and Josh Kovac; one sister, Pam Polk and husband, Luther of Okmulgee; grandchildren, Cody and Skylar Kerr; Auston, Nicholas, Emalie Faye, Haley and Jadyn Nevaeh Layton plus six more grandchildren; three great grandchildren and her dog, Pooh.
 Graveside services were  held at 1:00 p.m. Friday, August 15, 2014 at the Okmulgee Cemetery with Pastor Richard Manning officiating. Visitation was  Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Jackson Funeral Home in Okmulgee.
 Services are under the direction of the Jackson Funeral Home and Crematory in Okmulgee.
  Friends may send their condolences to

Annette Crosby, 51, died August 12, 2014 in Tulsa. Services are pending and will be announced by the Keith D. Biglow Funeral Directors, Inc.- Okmulgee Chapel.
Memorial service for Tonya Denise Smith were held at 2 p.m. on Friday, August 14, 2014 at the Rivercrest Chapel in Bixby, OK. Officiating was Dr. Larry Delay under the direction of the Bixby Funeral Service.
Tonya Denise Smith was born October 24, 1974 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Warren Emment and Gloria Laverne Thrasher Smith. Tonya passed away Friday, May 30, 2014 at her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was 39 years of age.
Tonya grew up in the Okemah, Okmulgee & Tulsa areas. In school Tonya exceeded in reading and writing and was also very artistic and poetic. She also loved to play basketball and run track in school. She graduated from Tulsa Street School in 1993 and then attended Tulsa Technology Center where she obtained a certificate in Home Health.
She became a mother at the tender age of 18, but it was becoming a mother, she knew would be the most effortless and rewarding. The most loving job she would ever have in life would be to love and raise her four beautiful daughters and to love on her beautiful little granddaughter.
She had a heart as big as the moon, she was always there for people, with big loving welcoming arms. She was never judgemental, always quick to look the other way and to forgive. She was a strong willed woman and a loyal, helpful friend to many people. She loved to clean and keep a warm, loving and welcoming home for all who needed a home.
Tonya was preceded in death by her brothers, Danny Ray Kaase & Steven Wayne Kaase; Dugan Pete Smith; aunts, Jan Ellen Bates, Lois Faye Smith & Diane Ruth Martin; Grandmother, Rachel Ruth Carilie; Grandfather, Cluade Smith
Tonya is survived by her parents, Warren & Gloria Smith; Four daughters, Gloria Jean Marsh, Victoria Rose Marsh, Olivia Cheyenne-Faith Manus and Alyia Diana-Kay Manus; Granddaughter, Nevaeh Tonya-Ausencia Perez; Sister, Rebecca L. Brooks; brother, Raymond E. Kaase and many loving nieces, nephews, cousins & friends including a special cousin/sister Lolonda Brumley.

Wanda Marie (Norman) Littlepage, formerly of Yukon, passed away Friday morning, August 15, 2014 at Clarehouse in Tulsa.  She was 84 years of age.  Wanda was born February 14, 1930 in Ada, Oklahoma to Ed and Stella Norman.  She graduated from Pontotoc High School in 1948 and attended Murray State College in Tishomingo.  Wanda worked for Braniff Airlines as a stewardess prior to marriage and then became a devoted wife and mother.  She was active in the Garden Club of Yukon, the Choir and other activities at the United Methodist Church of the Good Shepherd and a past PTA President of Northwest Classen High School.  Wanda is preceded in death by her parents, husband of 42 years, Bob Littlepage and brothers, Frank, Joy, Loy Don and Ben Norman and Jeff Davis.  Survivors include her children, Perry Littlepage and wife Lynn of Tulsa, Pam Hunsaker and husband Danny of Westcliffe, Colorado and Brent Littlepage and wife June of Ackworth, Georgia, grandchildren, Cory and Eric Littlepage, Genna, Jamey, Jacob and Ian Mize and Beau and Brett Bryant, thirteen great grandchildren and two brothers, Jack Norman and wife Fredda of Atoka and J.D. Norman and wife Joyce of Latta.  A Committal Service will be held 12:00 P.M. Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery with Pastor John “Rusty” Williams officiating.  Memorial contributions may be made to Clarehouse, 7617 S. Mingo Rd., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133. Arrangements are under the direction of the McClendon-Winters Funeral Home of Okmulgee.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

On Saturday evening August 9, 2014 around 9:15 p.m. as my wife and I were driving home heading west on 6th Street near Miami Street we noticed Okmulgee's finest right behind us. The officer began to "Profile" us as we headed west on 6th Street. The officer turned on his cruiser lights. As law abiding citizens we pulled over in front of the Nick Agency office building.
There we waited about a minute or two before the officer came to my window. I kindly asked him if there was a problem. He proceeded to tell me that I had a busted taillight. He then asked me for my license and insurance. Out of curiosity I got out of the car to check my taillight and to my amazement it was not busted out.
While looking at my light I noticed two more of Okmulgee's finest had arrived to assist with the broken taillight that was not broken. One of them insisted that I get back into the car. My reply, ‘why would I if you said my taillight was out. I would like to check it out.’
When I returned to my car one of the officers proceeded to ask me questions about my vehicle which was none of his business. We were there for a nonexistent busted taillight not where I got my car, or how much I paid for it, or where I was from.
When the first officer returned with my information, I asked him his name. I was unable to make it out on his person because it was dark. He told me his name was Scott.
I believe the Rodeo is an awesome event that happens in our town once a year. Although I am not a fan of this awesome event, however, I am a citizen and a tax paying citizen who can and will go anywhere I please. My wife has been harassed on two other occasions, while at her mother's home (not on this same evening). The officer proceeded to ask her why was she over on that part of town when she lived on 13th Street. Many other citizens are being harassed and profiled everyday not just in August because of the Rodeo. These officers go off to training. What for? To learn how not to protect but to profile?
I am a native of Okmulgee, I raised my children here, again I say I am a tax paying citizen this ought to be enough. I need you as tax paying citizens, if you have ever been profiled, to join me in this effort to correct this wrong in our city. As a Pastor I need to help protect the rights of my parishioners as well as all citizens. As a school board member I'm concerned about how our children are viewing police today. If we don't act now, we may be looking at another Trevon Martin incident right here in Okmulgee.
I'm a law abiding citizen. I always respect the law. I just want the law to respect me. If this is asking too much, then I am asking for it anyway. In fact, I'm demanding it.
If anyone (citizen of Okmulgee or not) has ever been harassed or felt as though you were profiled in box me on Face Book or email me-Marcus Jeffrey